Learning Endgames and Pawn Play

Apr 14, 2012, 3:17 AM |

Well, I'm loving chess.com and all of its nifty educational offerings. Tactics Trainer, Chess Mentor, Video Lessons, Computer Workouts, Study Plans, etc. What more could an aspiring chess player need? I'm basically self-taught through a few books and a couple of friends, so there are certainly going to be large gaps in my knowledge and no lack of misunderstandings to remedy, so I'm rather looking forward to this opportunity to grow.


To kick off my chess.com-based education, I thought I might start by firstly working on beginner-level endgames and pawn play, and then only after I am 100% sure that I am not missing anything vital, will I move on to something else. With this aim in mind, I will begin by completing the following Chess Mentor courses:

Chess Mentor

Bold indcates that I have begun the course, while an asterisk (*) indicates the number of times I have completed the course.

Pawn Endings: Beginner to Expert: (Avg. rating of positions 1279) *

The Drawing Zone 1: (Avg. rating of positions 1290) ***

Rook and Other Endgames: (Avg. rating of positions 1325)

Do or Die with Rook Endings: (Avg. rating of positions 1470) *

Pawn Play in the Endgame: (Avg. rating of positions 1520) *

Knight Endgames 2: (Avg. rating of positions 1620)

Bishop vs. Knight 1: (Avg. rating of positions 1662)

Knight vs. Bishop 2: (Avg. rating of positions 1700)

Pawn Play: (Avg. rating of positions 1740)

Knight Endgames 1: (Avg. rating of positions 1860)


and suplement the above with some related computer workouts.

Computer Workouts: Basic Mates

Two Rook Checkmate: (Beginner <1399)

King and Queen Mate: (Beginner <1399)

King and Rook Mate: (Beginner <1399)

Two Bishop Mate: (Beginner <1399)

Knight & Bishop "Corner/Edge" Mating Net: (Beginner <1399)

Computer Workouts: King and Pawn

King and Pawn Exercise #1: (Beginner <1399)

King and Pawn Exercise #2: (Beginner <1399)

King and Pawn Exercise #3: (Beginner <1399)

King and Pawn Exercise #4: (Beginner <1399)

King and Pawn Exercise #5: (Beginner <1399)


Computer Workouts: Endgame Technique

Queen vs Rook with Pawns: (Beginner <1399)

Queen vs Knight: (Beginner <1399)

Queen vs Bishop: (Beginner <1399)

Using Extra Bishop: (Beginner <1399)

Using Extra Bishop #2: (Beginner <1399)

Using Extra Knight: (Beginner <1399)

Using Extra Knight #2: (Beginner <1399)

Using Extra Rook: (Beginner <1399)

Using Extra Rook #2: (Beginner <1399)

Winning with an Extra Pawn: (Beginner <1399)

Drawing -- King and Pawn Basics: (Beginner <1399)

Drawing -- Rook and Pawn Ending Basics: (Beginner <1399)

Drawing -- Rooks and Pawns: (Beginner <1399)

Drawing -- Opposite Colored Bishop -2P: (Beginner <1399)


I believe that should be a good start, however, I'm open to any   suggestions as to how I might use the bulk of resources on chess.com to become a stronger chess player. 


Thank you & best wishes to all.


This just may take a little while. Smile