The Hunt for an Ideal Training Routine

Sep 13, 2012, 5:30 AM |

The mission continues, as it always does, but at last I feel I that I may be beginning to do some things in the right, or at least a better, way. An example of a recent training day from my training diary follows. It basically reflects what I currently aim to achieve each day. 


*CPT=Chess Position Trainer


20 mins  - Opening Practice (scheduled recall of positions in CPT)

20 mins - Opening Theory (expanding and adding to repertoire)

30 mins - Tactics (warm up)

40 mins - Training Game (strategically themed)

50 mins - Training Game (strategically themed)

60 mins - Annotation (review games and note thoughs)

90 mins - Olympiad Coverage (observing the masters at work)

30 mins - Strategy (Find the Right Plan, Anatoly Karpov)


More changes will no doubt be made as I learn more of what I am doing wrong. 


Wishing you all pleasant chess