2014 May Aquinas Chess

NM eugeniusjr
Jun 1, 2014, 12:39 PM |

Well, here are my games from the may Aquinas event.  This was the worst Aquinas event I experienced as a director.  There were three (three!) altercations I had to deal with as a director.  

I posted all three situations on the USCF Forum for advice from others.  





The question about double tapping happened during my third round.  I was 2-0 and a victory would have vaulted me above 2200.  I was under enough stress from that.  Then I lost to someone I don't like losing to.  My opponent is a nice guy, but when he wins the story never ends.  After the game he asked me about his move 31.f5.    I told him, "I didn't know."  I was thinking, "You were losing and got lucky."  The rest of the day (there was an afternoon blitz event) he was on cloud 9, gloating to me.  

The guy with the 20 minutes immediately after the round said to me, "That was the wrong decision."  In the middle ofthe decision he repeatedly told me he would accept my decision.  But the truth is he would only be happy if the decision favored him.  It did not and he was vocal about his opinion and anger.