Tournaments this Summer

NM eugeniusjr
Jun 1, 2014, 3:50 PM |

This summer I plan to play in a few more tournaments than the monthly Aquinas Chess event.  Both of the other tournaments are in Grand Rapids so that makes the travel easy for me.

The first tournament is the Grand Rapids Championship, graciously hosted by Andy Catlin.  Last year was the first version of this tournament after a 15 year dormancy.  This tournament will continue in July and August.

The next weekend I will play at Aquinas.

And the weekend after that I will play in the Bottom-Half Class Championship.  This is the least prestigious of the Michigan Championships, but it is still a State title!

I hope I am still hungry to fight by the time the Bottom Half comes.  When I finish that I will have played 10 rounds of chess in 15 days.