Down with quitters!

Nov 6, 2011, 3:53 PM |

Probably all of us have had the experience in Live Chess of facing an opponent who, recognizing his/her situation as hopeless, just lets the clock run out rather than acting honorably (fighting till the end or resigning).

I move that we who are only looking for honest games with good-natured people should band together against these miscreants.

Whenever someone does this to you, copy their username, go to My Home >> Account >> Privacy, then scroll down to the bottom of the page where "BLOCKED MEMBERS" are listed. Paste the offending username into the "Block this user" box.

A blocked user is not only blocked from sending you any messages, she/he can't accept any of your challenges.

I fantasize that if enough of us make a habit of this, the tiny minority of unsportsmanlike players on this site will find themselves with hardly anyone to play. It's probably a drop in the bucket when all's said and done, but at the very least we'll spare ourselves the annoyance of a repeat encounter with someone who can't lose graciously.