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Chess and power lifts

Aug 24, 2007, 10:13 PM 0

Eversince I got into powerlifting training to shape up (gone down from 34% body fat to 22%), I can't help but see the similarity between chess and powerlifting, atleast on how I approach each lift (powerlifting has three main lifts, the bench press, the squat, and my favorite the deadlift) and how I prepare for them.  In chess you have the opening, the middle game and the endgame.  In each of the power lifts you also have the same phases, the setup, the lift itself and the lockout.  Another big similarity is the importance of patience.  You can't study the openings until you have a grasp of endgame techniques, just the same you can't deadlift 170kgs until you've gone through 40...80....100kgs.  You can't force the lift, it would either be the weight won't move or worse you might injure yourself.  In chess you could actually win a game or two with no knowledge of endgame i guess (especially if your middle game is so strong you don't ever get to the endgame) but in powerlifting you can't bluff your way out.

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