Thoughts about the 2008 U. S. Womens Championship

Jun 17, 2008, 4:10 PM |

The debacle of the Armaggedon game needs to serve as an impetus for improving all speed/blitz chess. I do want to remark parenthetically that as unfortunate as the game was, it served as a stimulus for me to get to see the two ladies in action, that I appreciate them both, and that I find no fault or unsportsmanlike conduct on Irena's part, in view of how much was at stake and how from her point of view Anna was not playing fair.

I am going to toss out my 2 cents worth. Perhaps others can bring forth alternate or complementary ideas, and speed chess can be improved. This would be for serious competition at a high level, as some expense would be involved.

1) As I have seen suggested elsewhere, some increment per move, say in the range of 2 to 10 seconds depending upon the original time controls.

2) Two monitors are set up and the moves are made via computer. The players each can see the position in their respective monitors with White and Black oriented as they desire. Each monitor would display both players clock situation. No pieces could be knocked over accidentally and it would be impossible for any player to start his move until the opponent had completed his/her move. The chess software being utilized would not permit any illegal moves and would eliminate the time spent reaching for the clock button. No clock would ever be damaged or knocked over.

Anyone got some more ideas?