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The Score

May 23, 2010, 11:06 PM 1

Something needs to be done about the points, both won and lost. I have almost 1400 points, and I play whom ever the computer throws at me. If they have a lesser score and I win, I get 24 points. However, should I lose and they only have 1100 points, I lose 118 points. It's ,my oppinion that the amount of points to be played for should be equal.To go even further, maybe we as the players could chose how many points we want to play for. After all, it is US, " The Chess Player's", who has point in all the time playing in order to aquire the points. If anyone out there agree's with any part of this, send a message to the folks in charge and lets see if we can change something. Keep playing, and may all of your pawns be turned to Queens. 

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