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Boca Turkey Bowl

Boca Turkey Bowl

Nov 16, 2015, 3:09 AM 0

If there was a theme for these games, it is that defending a position is tiring work.  In each game, the question was whether the defender would crack under the strain.


My first game pitted me against a 1500 player.  Funny.  A year ago, I was a 1500 player.  

So round 1 was always a win or a draw the entire game.  The next round I got pitted against a lower  rated player.  I assumed he had managed to beat a highly rated player so I did not want to take him lightly.

So far, two easy wins even after a few misteps.  But suddenly I found myelf on board two against a higher rater opponent.  Surely this time my luck would run out.


I did not sleep much that night and woke up with a splitting head ache.  And the fun was only going to begin.

So the tournament then came down to the last game.  Fortunately, I would be black.  Which is odd to say, but I felt pretty confident about the situation.

So I ended the tournament with 3 wins and 2 draws.  And I ended up tied for second.  While I could have played far better, I was happy with the result.

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