Queens: How do they move?

Oct 7, 2017, 7:46 PM |

My first tournament is over eight months.  If fact, my first legitimate games in eight months.  I was hoping to go 2-2 and not embarrass myself too much.


So that game showed I was still rusty.  I could get a clear win and still manage to nearly blunder into a draw.  Still, a win is a win.



Another relatively painless win.  I had hit the 2 win mark, but hadn't really proven anything useful.  Now I had to win one of the next two to give myself reason to be happy.   The next game, I would not be happy.

So that wasn't pleasant.  Still, a win or draw and I would aquit myself adequately and would head home without shame.  Of course, it turned out that my opponent was someone who I had completely blundered a queen to last time I played.

So I ended the tounament 3-1, finished tied for third (first and second drew their last game), took home a few bucks, and managed to play reasonably at points.  I was happy with the result.  Next time, victory!