Taking over the mean streets of Weston

Jan 11, 2015, 9:00 PM |
So, I came to this tournament with low expectations and those expectations were reduced some more when the TD announced prior to the tournament that they would need to mix the U1700 division with the Open division.  Oh well, hopefully I'll learn something.
So, I stole a draw against a much, much higher rated player.  Already, I am quite happy with the result.  Now, I am playing with house money.  Of course, that's when I get paired up against another higher rated opponent.
Now I'm living large on my sneaky win.  Can I pull off another one?
So, I'm drawing games no 1400 has a right to draw.  I'm winning games that no sane person deserves to win.  And I'm even pulling wins in positions that complete losses.  And that's when I notice: I haven't lost yet.  And there is just one more round to go.  I'm actually in contention to place.  Possibly even win first!  But lets not get ahead of ourselves. I have one more game to go.
As it turned out, the 1700 lost his game.  And my 1900 could not stop the 2000 player, who took first place with a perfect 4-0.  I took a clear second with a 3.5-.5 record and quite a bit of joy in my heart.
Yes, I made plenty of mistakes.  But I still out-performed my rating and I can see at least some of the errors and improve my game.  Will it be enough?  Only time will tell.