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So yeah, this is a newer story by me.  Tell me what you think.  What did you like?  What can I do better?  Et cetera


      The closet door opened with the slow creaking of unoiled hinges.  Gleaming eyes met the glossy ones of the small boy.  Even in the darkness, Timmy could see the monster's smile.  
      The monster didn't move from his home though.  He just stared at Timmy until tears started to cascade down the small boy's round cheeks.  As the boy jumped out of bed and ripped the door open screaming for his mom, the door closed with a barely audible click.
      Timmy ran to the living room where his parents were still watching the news.
      "Mommy, Daddy, there's a monster in my closet and he wants to eat me!"
      "Son, you're six now.  You should know by now that monsters don't exist," said his father, who didn't even move his eyes from the book he was reading.
      Timmy was still heaving from the tears when he whined "but it's true! It's in my closet and it just stares and smiles at me!  Please Mommy!"
      His mother was watching the television, and in a bored voice, without even looking at her son, said, "Listen to your father Timmy.  There's no such thing as monsters, go back to bed."
      No matter how much Timmy cried and begged for his parents to believe him and check the closet, they didn't even glance at him.  They just kept mumbling about how there isn't anything in Timmy's closet or saying a short "That's nice Timmy".  The child didn't know what to do.  His parents wouldn't listen to him and he was getting awfully tired.  He decided to snuggle between them to go to sleep, but as soon as he started dozing, comforted by the semi-warm bodies, his father noticed him.
      "Son, I told you, there are no monsters.  No go back to your room right now and go to sleep.  No more crying."  Timmy's father still didn't even look at him when he gave the order.
      But Timmy didn't want to go back in there alone.  He knew his parents wouldn't go check the closet and tell him everything was fine, so he went to the kitchen and found a flashlight.  On his way back thorough the living room he gave one more pleading glance to his parents, but both continued to be immersed in their own worlds.  
      As the boy reached his room, he turned the flashlight on and pointed it directly at the closet.  The circle of light wavered erratically in his shaking hand as he blindly searched for his light switch.  When he found it, the room brightened instantly.  Timmy was scared, but he knew he had to be brave, because Mommy and Daddy wouldn't help him.  Slowly, he inched closer and closer to the closet until he was upon it.
      Timmy opened the door apprehensively and shined the flashlight into it.  
      The only thing that greeted him was his clothing all hung and folded neatly.  Nothing was amiss in as he scanned every corner of the space.  He sighed in relief realizing that his parents were right, that there was no monster in his closet.  He closed the closet door and then turned off his bedroom lights.
      When he was comfy in his bed, he shut off the flash light and put it on his bed stand and slowly started to drift to sleep.  He was about to enter dreamland when he heard creaking coming from beneath him.  Timmy looked down and was greeted by the same eyes that made him run out of his room earlier that night.
      "Oh you poor little boy," the monster said.  "Did Mommy and Daddy not believe you that there was a monster in your closet?  You'd be surprised how often that happens now.  I barely have to hide from them anymore."
      The monster slowly slithered out from beneath Timmy's bed never ending eye contact.  Its smile seemed to grow ever wider as more and more of its body emerged from its hiding spot.
      Timmy, terrified, started screaming as loud as he could for his parents.  The monster just looked down at the boy and continued to grin.  When Timmy had to take a breath, he heard his father say loudly, "Go to bed Timmy!"
      He just chocked off his sobs when he heard that.  Tears rolled down his face like rivers.  The monster leaned in close to Timmy and whispered "It's okay Timmy, we both know you weren't lying."  And then the monster devoured the terrified boy.
      After the monster finished, it licked its lips and heard footsteps approaching.  It climbed into the now empty boy's bed and waited.  The door opened and light from the hallway flooded into the room, completely exposing the monster, who looked  right at the father.
      "Goodnight Timmy," he said, while looking right through the monster.  "See you in the morning."
      The door shut and the monster chuckled to itself.  It was just getting easier and easier nowadays, it thought.  The monster walked into the closet and disappeared into the shadows, its big grin staying in the air for a few extra seconds before fading into the abyss.