The Prisoner

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The Prisoner

            The prisoner was holding on the thin, metal bars shaking them rapidly, making a clinging noise.  The poles were on every wall offering no modicum of privacy, like a cage more than a prison.  She continued to shake the bars like a feral animal, trying so hard to escape the darkness and steel that surrounded her, but they did nothing other than vibrate.

            She gave up and fell to the floor of her cell.  It was covered in a thin, moldy smelling mattress covered in stains of different colors and origins.  She looked up to the opening well above her reach wishing so desperately that she could be free of her dungeon.  An arm weakly lifted to the sky grasping at the airplanes overhead, but sadly, they never descended to save her.  Stars were the only observers to her torment.

            Looking around, she could only see scary things.  Outside her jail were misshapen bodies of all sizes, some three times taller than her, and some half her size.  None of them moved at all, but most were staring right at her, including the one in her cell with her.  She didn’t want to get near the shape, because it was so alien, small body with huge ears, covered in hair.  Nothing she had ever seen before.

            There were also faces staring at her.  So many faces.  Eyes wide, gleaming almost in the nothingness.  Most had wide, smiling faces showing no emotion at all.  In fact, the smiles were frozen forever in time, mirroring the cold eyes.  Some didn’t even have mouths to smile with.

Occasionally, a sound would flow through the evenly spaced openings and assault her ears.  It was an awful, irksome, noise that felt like torture to her.  She’d rather of been surrounded by her thick walls of silence than hear what she did.  The din wouldn’t leave her, though.  It somehow seemed to echo off of the bars and the darkness and taunt her. 

It was the voice of her mother, who was the reason that she was in the enclosure.  The abandonment she felt was so immense that she actually moved closer to the limp shape by her, just in hope of avoiding the chill creeping through her body.

            A thin blanket was her warmth and she held onto it tightly, wishing it was a person to comfort her.  She only got one guest though, and it frightened her.  Once in a while, she would see a shadowed face looking down at her from the top of her black hole.  The person usually did nothing but stare her, but once in a while, sound would reach down to the floor, but she couldn’t understand what the shadow was saying.

             Waiting was her only option, as the shadows continued to get deeper and deeper.  Soon, the stars and airplanes, which offered her hope, could no longer be seen.  She closed her eyes, trying not to imagine the monsters watching with their wide open eyes and huge smiles.  The images only got bigger in her imagination until they were practically swallowing her whole.

            Everything was unbearable; the loneliness, the darkness, the fear.  She wanted to be free, to be with her mother, to see the stars and airplanes again.  She started crying.  At first it was only small whimpers, but soon it grew to loud, warbling wails, which made the bars vibrate.  Tears flowed like small waterfalls, leaving visible streaks down her face.  Her lungs were having trouble keeping up with her sorrow and she started hiccupping.

            It was then the she heard a door fly open not too far from her.  Light appeared instantly, illuminating her prison and the room.  Before she could find the strength to lift herself up, the shadow was above her.  It reached its giant arms down to her and grabbed her.  She was lifted into the air, passing the opening in the ceiling of her cell, then the airplanes and stars, which stayed static in the air.  She was turned around to face her giant captor.  She stopped her crying to face the giant.

            Her mother looked into her face.  Streams of babbling nonsense came from the mother’s mouth as, slowly, she rocked her daughter in her arms to calm her down.  The mother was so worried about her baby girl.  It was her first night in her new room, and the mother was worried about her sweet-pea staying in a dark by herself.

            Soon she was asleep, hopefully dreaming of happiness.  The mother gently set her back down in the crib and kissed her forehead.  As the mother was walking back to the door, she noticed how some of the stuffed animals and dolls were really creepy.  As she turned off the lights she thought that that was the last time the father would go shopping for their baby.