Chess is a Gift from Heavens

Apr 7, 2016, 11:36 PM |

Are you the chess addict?

Life is not such a secret. Everybody knows from the experience what the life is. Secret is something we know, but do not want the others to know. Analogy leads us to the next conclusion: if we do not know what other knows, that is a secret for us. That does not mean something is unknown, but it means that somebody knows and somebody does not.

The faith leads us to know our Lord, but He is a mystery for those who do not pray. They do not speak to God. Everything else in life is a mystery, everything except our Lord and our faith.


When we try to discover the mystery, we fall in a bigger and bigger secret.

The same is with chess. It is full of secrets which call us in a bigger secret. People try to discover the secret of chess, the charm, the logic, the power. In that way, we can become addicts.


Do you trade with chess?

Like everything else, people make trade, they trade with everything. Somebody is a famous philosopher or singer, chess player or just player, maybe gambler. It is not forbidden to play and to earn money, but it is not appropriate to adore it because it can kill the inspiration for pure playing the game. Famous masters have to earn money from their hobby because chess ask all of him and he has no free time for something else to do.


Do you play for fun?

Why chess is as popular as art, is that something special? Maybe chess is popular because it looks so easy to play. If it is easy to play than why there are only few of the famous players? Does chess look like the easy money and glory? There are a lot of us who believe that. Chess is also the possibility to catch the power.

And here we are: we play amusing and easy, earn a lot of money, become famous and always feel as powerful. But what power is in it? It is a power to think abstractly. Then why the chess players are not mathematicians, architects and so on?

There is one more thing: winning gives us the special opinion about ourselves.


Who do not play for fun, discover all these things and call them a secret and a mystery.

There is the excuse for chess players: if I want to play because I learn playing, why not chess. Chess is the most beautiful game I know.



Can you do something more?

It is important to think abstractly, but much more important is the theme about somebody thinks. Chess players think how they can move the pieces on the board because they will move that pieces again. Many chess players practice to think abstractly, but there is no use of that, there is no the other theme to think abstractly about such as science.

Why play, why man cannot do something more important because playing chess is too heavy to be just a game. Imagine how a man who plays chess could do wonderful and useful things with his ability in combinatory.



Do you believe?

At least, playing chess cannot teach a human to pray and to become transcendental towards God. And the Lord gives us dignity, common life and creativity, He gives us many gifts and playing chess is one of them.