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Chess is not Life

Chess is not Life

Apr 7, 2016, 12:36 PM 2

Of course, I did not reveal the secret of chess yet and there is only One God, so obviously chess cannot be as mighty and chess players did not reveal the very big secret of life. I know, everybody will say that playing chess reveals all kind of secrets of life, but I want to say that life of a human is only one and that it is eternal. Chess is eternal only because humans play it. This I have to say because many famous people said that chess is great for various reasons, but chess is nothing and chess player play what he think and he invented chess. Now, it is not logical for human to admire something made by human.


The other thing is that humans play and it is not very nice to say that one who play chess is famous and the other is lousy. I want to say that it is not a big deal to be a chess master and famous, but it is a great thing to be a human who play the game which he invented so clever (of course he invented it so clever because the human is a picture of One God who creates and manages all).


The third thing is that humans invented a great game to develop themselves and to develop the rules of the game.

I read a quote that they say was Albert Einstein’s (and he was a believer in One God). It goes something like this: you have to learn the rules of the game and then you have to play better than anyone else. I think Einstein was a little sarcastic when he said that if he really said it. You cannot play by the rules and be better than anybody who plays also by the same rules. What I see is that chess masters play against every rule they invent new rules in a logical connection with the old rules. The first rule of the chess is that there are some rules, but you have to invent them, you have to invent every move and every game in common with your opponent and that is a good start to me so I can begin in that point to reveal the secret of chess.




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