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Get Over Your Losing

Get Over Your Losing

Mar 30, 2016, 3:33 AM 2

It is true that we learn on our mistakes, but we can lost our self confidence if we never win the battle.


Funny how I lost a game when I was younger.

My opponent was the old man and I did my best, but he forgot where he is because he was concentrated very much in playing. Like a gambler, he lost himself in that game. I had as much knowledge that I could only play as he want, but it was pretty long game for me.

Some boys were laughing at the old man because he had to use all his power, all his knowledge and experience and all his property to beat me on the board. Than he told me how life is rough and how I am too sensitive and he told me that losing is the way to learn.

I know that I am better when I get approval than when somebody try to beat me and force me. The problem is that we have to get over the situation when somebody is beating us and we have to try not to beat others. It is hard sometimes, but that is the only way we can succeed in life which can be really cruel.



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