Gift of Expression

Mar 22, 2016, 5:31 PM |

Learning foreign language I've learned that my passive knowledge is many, many times bigger than my active ability to use it in life. I often ask myself what benefits has anybody of my passive knowledge. If I can read, for example, who cares?

The situation is much more different if I can explain something. At least one person can use that very good or even better.

On the other side there are introverts and they who express themselves easier. One with the passive knowledge can be an extrovert so his friends or bigger audience get more of his knowledge.

Even very selfish people can be so extrovert that they simply cannot keep anything only for themselves.


If you are an introvert, your knowledge can never come out and you also don't have much effect of it no matter how good expert you are.

Of course, the world is not black or white. It is individual who knows the best how it is hard to have something deservingly and nobody ever seen or hear that; only the human deep inside also knows how it is hard when, for some reason, he has a fame that he didn't deserved. That other one is in the bad position because he lives on the somebody else's glory.


Every human knows the best of himself and can find the best balance between taking and giving. Some of us are players in silent, many of us are players in the clubs or on the internet and some of us are famous or unknown coachers.