In the Club

Mar 20, 2016, 11:36 PM |

My first tournament for real was the real chess playing.

I was all in the game I watched. Did not see faces, only the board. People around me were just a little social, only what's necessary and very close connected with chess.

A lot of ambition was in the air, a lot of  knowledge and experience and a kind of a stage fright. I was in a cold blood and in a cheer mood as a real fan of my team.

In the beginning everything was nice and calm, but later a little nervous atmosphere started to develop, but what was a very big and nice surprise for me was an easy breaking the limits we all have in society. Neither the form nor the conventions were no longer important.

Now I understand a bit why players become troublesome sometimes.

Anyway, a little of tremor, nervous moves and rough playing prompted me to look at the faces around me. Players controlled themselves, but they acted symptomatically. There was no such mimicry, but those were the acts what spoke very clear. I am not sure that a little talk would repair the tension in the air.


Fans have to watch their behavior also.