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My First Analysis

My First Analysis

Oct 19, 2015, 12:15 AM 2

Okay, I never meant that I could be so powerful. When you analyzing someone's game and have a master who won the same game near by, that is a very good start. You must admit that I am the one of the privileged beginners. It is because I am not very good in learning from Computer. This time I had my trainer on the phone and we played every move step by step. I thought that I am doing his moves. I really put myself into my Trainer's tactics and had learned so much about chess and everything around the main theme. It was very exciting because it happened several times that I lost my conscious, did not know what to do and than saw the solution of my problem and that is learning, really changing the way of thinking. Immediately I started to think like my trainer and forgot that I do not know much about playing and that it was not me who move that game.

Entering the spirit in the game is worth more than a thousand points which I would never get.

Many thanks to my Trainer, God bless him.




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