Official Denial

Official Denial

Apr 13, 2016, 9:57 PM |

When I said that chess is nothing, many minds felt wounded. I did not say that chess is not worth playing or is not worth as a sport or an art.

I was trying to show that the difference between many pieces on the board and a human. In that way chess is only a thing made of wood or chess is some abstract thing, a game such as football, a sport or is it a thing as the weather is only some thing. I wanted to say that chess is not a human being and humans are the best in this world, made as a picture of God. Our Lord created us as perfect persons who can create things or born children.

Like the people can not do anything without God, and the way things alike has no worth, no power without a human person. And when we talk about the humans, we can not measure them through the things, but in the light of faith towards God and His will. Chess can not be the reason to do anything because only the human and relationship with his God can live and do things.

When you brake the board or figures, you can make another, but when a human brakes, you hardly can fix it and only God can do it well.

Many minds do not recognize the differences between humans who play and things.

Human is a person and he has a lot of individualities, he has a will and a conciousness, he has a brain and he can talk and think and speak and laugh, he can invent everything, the chess, the game and another game, he can develop the old game and make the new game from the old game. The game can not create a man. Even man can not create a human being if the Lord does not want it.

People make things as games or money and adore that things instead to adore their God. God will provide the victory if you ask him to help you, even when you lose. You can win in boath cases. We all know that. The victory of a human is to be and stay a human and the victory of human is not going to become a thing or to start to adore the things.

I try to learn and play chess, but there are so many sentences about chess like the chess is something bigger than human, as it is a kind of god. That is the first thing that happen to me when I start to play. I meet the people everywhere who adore playing. The other thing is to be fond of something. I am the fan of my homeland team because I think that my friends need moral support and playing. In the same way I like the opponent of my team. When the opponent make or do something nice and human, I like it because we are all the children of one God, but I can not play with the opponent who does not look at me as a human, but he try to manipulate my mind like he is manipulate with pieces on the board and also gives it the individualities of a living being.

That all is a reason why I said that chess is nothing. Chess is really nothing in compare with a human who plays chess. In the other way, I could say that chess is people who play it, but in that case many minds would think that people are chess and that is opposite of logic and is not normal. Chess is only a thing made by people and people are not thing made of chess.