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People Who Play Chess

People Who Play Chess

Apr 11, 2016, 11:39 PM 2

There are some players who are very high on the rating lists on this site. There are players who are all somewhere in the middle, who play on the average level.

In the chess clubs here there are not players who are as good as on this site. So, this site surely gives chances to learn and to be better and to have better rating. It is something different to play in the club the player is alone and without help, without analysis board. Children learn to think abstractly and so on. So, ratings on this site contain ability for playing and ability for navigation. That virtual navigation does not exist in the real chess game in the real world, in the clubs, on tournaments. You will see very good players rated how they are losing and losing in the real life.

I can not learn chess only on the site have to play on my board with hands that are moving figures. I learn to touch the figures, to take them, to watch at the opponent eyes, his breathing, his mood, his temper and I have to do the hard work of concentration which lasts for hours and quiet sitting at the table and have to think as long as can. And I know that I have the living human opponent on the other side of the board, not only an opponent who wants to play and nothing else because the computer is doing all of his job.



It is more precious to meet player who really plays good chess no matter how is he rated. I write this for all the guys and people who play that way to thank them because only with such nice and normal players I can really start to learn this wonderful game.

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