Theory of Chess

Mar 21, 2016, 10:38 PM |

Beginner can hear many names of tactics, many variations of the main theme.

It does not help much.

It is nice to hear some theory from time to time, but you want to play now and you want to win immediately. Things does not go like that. After some time of learning and playing beginner can see how very important is that old fashioned theory of chess.

It is not the most important that you know very well wich tactic do you play and how to move figures because you never know what the opponent will do. You have a few possibilities and you always can say that you knew what will probably be, but you do not know even  your own moves, especially the rival's.

I think you can never normally play if you want that your rival plays as you wish.

The point of some tactics is going to form defense or attack, but the point is that you are conscious what some tactics means and how you switching tactics and the game and for that you desperately need more and more theory of chess.


So, you better prepare yourself enough time if you are sure that you want to play chess more than you want to be a good player. If you only want to win and to be a good player or the master, you will fail sooner or later and than maybe you wont play chess any more no matter how old will you be.