My Diary as a Chess Player

Jun 11, 2007, 1:47 AM |

Chess Player? Well, please allow me to define a ”Chess Player” as someone who plays chess. It would be nice to add some quality aspects to the suggested definition or perhaps to do something to improve my Chess Skills. 

Anyhow, at rather mature age but still a few years away from being a certified grumpy geezer and in a blessed family situation (second child to arrive any day now) I decided to do something about my most modest chess skills. Why? Well, I have been addicted to games all of my life and I really enjoy the thrills of learning. The old brain could use some exercise. To be honest most of me could use some exercise but I suppose aiming for a GM (never told you that I would get there, did I?!) will be easier than to loose a few pounds. 

The basic plan is to follow my home brewed training schedule (see a previous blog post by yours truly) and to have a few of my occasional slow games analyzed. I wish I could squeeze in more games but Time is a rare resource. Another part of the Grand Strategy is to share with you some of my adventures on my rocky road towards Chess Excellency. A Chess Addict’s Reality Soap, if you like.