Slow Paced Online Reading Group for Wood Pushers?

Nov 27, 2007, 6:46 AM |

Does this sound familiar: "I really would like to read a few chess books but...."

May I suggest a gentle kick in the butt? Here is my humble suggestion:


Let's create a slow shcedule for reading a book (I mean really slow!) and then arrange some discussion on the topics in the book.

I suggest using Pandolfini's "Weapons of Chess". That book consists of 30+ paragraphs/essays on different strategic themes. The nice thing about those paragraphs is that they are very readable without a chessboard and they are fairly short.


We could aim for, say five sections per month from the book and the following Home Work assignment: Look at your some of your recent games and try to find positions where better knowledge/understanding of the sections in the book would have helped your position (exchanging PGN-files discussion those positions might be very rewarding).

Another advantage of the book is that the sections are fairly independent of the other sections. So, if someone would like to join the fun later on then that person does not have a lot of catching up to do.



Did that make sense? Does it sound interesting? Comments, Please!