The Study Buddy Group?

Mar 19, 2008, 7:39 AM |

   I am so far pretty pleased with my silicon based Study Buddies (CD-discs from Convekta) but I am not at all pleased with my sparring partner (Chessmaster). It appears to be very difficult for software to play bad and humanlike chess. 

Now when Live Chess is getting in place it might be a doable thing to get a Study Buddy Group going? I was thinking of a rather small group of players aiming for a 1400-1600 OTB rating. A group of players interested in playing a few slow games each month and to spend some time analyzing those games. 

Why would a player with a turn-based rating much higher than that aim for an OTB rating of 1500ish? Well, playing OTB is in my opinion quite a different thing. I have spent a lot of time on my games to avoid blunders and to track down useful master games. My turn-based rating is badly inflated. I think a OTB rating in the 1500 region should be a perfect goal for the end of the year given my results in different tests such as Tactics Trainer etc. 

The Study Buddy group might also be a perfect forum for a Chess Book Reading Group.  

So, Any Takers?