IHSA State 2015

Feb 15, 2015, 6:27 PM |

IHSA State Chess this year was easily the most brutal and intense tournament I have ever played in, making the victories infinitely more rewarding.

Riverside (R.-Brookfield)

Edit: It should say that I was playing black.

Northbrook (Glenbrook North)


Slightly more quality game.


Last round of the first day.  Everyone is tired, and the pressure is building.

Skokie (Niles North)


Yay! First day is over with a perfect score.

Second day:  By far, the most intense day of chess of my career, playing all 3 games against players rated above me.

Glenview (Glenbrook South)


My next opponent was by far the highest rated player I played during the tournament.

Lisle (Benet)

 Mark Reed vs. Nathan Kranjc

Last game.  This was to win the state title.  Everyone assumed Stevenson would win.  We had to prove them all wrong.

Lincolnshire (Stevenson)


After this, my team narrowly pulled through for a win, with a final score of 37.5 - 30.5.  It took me a while to realize that we had just won the state title.  This was the perfect end to a 4-year career on Naperville North's chess team, and I hope that the people who will take the seniors' place the next couple years will be inspired to uphold the legacy that we and our predecessors have built.

Thank you Naperville North Chess Team for all of the experiences and memories I have made with you guys!  It's been an honor playing alongside all of you.