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Why I started playing chess and what it has taught me :)

Why I started playing chess and what it has taught me :)

Aug 15, 2017, 10:48 AM 0

I'm pretty sure that I played my first game of chess when I was around 10 years old. Quickly after that I joined the chess club at my elementary school and started competing with other kids my age.  In high school I played a little bit but not that much and started getting into other things like girls and going out to parties. The same types of habits carried on throughout college but when I graduated I stopped thinking so much about heading out to parties and started thinking about my career. I started getting back into chess when I was about 23 years old and I liked it because you gave me structure. requires a lot of planning out and thinking ahead in order to get the result that you want. I think this was very helpful in all aspects of my life including business and relationships. Structure of something I need in order to reach the goals that I would like to attend  And chess is definitely something that has help me with that.


Now I try to play Chess at least a few times a week because I really think you help stimulate the mind. I am also trying to learn a new language at the same time and I have taken what I've learned from chess and applied it to language learning.  in order to live a healthy life I think it is important to have all areas balance including the mind, body and spirit. Because of that I have started my own wellbeing website that mostly focuses on Fitness. It's called PTpioneer and talks about my adventures with personal training, Health and Wellness. I am planning on adding some articles to help the mental side of things as well and will include an article about Chess and how it has helped me.  I hope you guys have liked reading my first article. What got you guys started with chess and how is it helped your Life.

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