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Blitz Chess Player of the Year 2011: Felixtony

Blitz Chess Player of the Year 2011: Felixtony

Jan 1, 2012, 3:29 AM 1

The 2011 Blitz Chess Player of the Year has been awarded to Felixtony.  The most notable achievement for Felix was the winning of his 3000th game on December 10th.  However, Felixtony had a specatacular year of winning.  He overcame the odds and brought his record well above .500 this year. 

His consistency was also a contributing factor to receiving this award.  As one judge stated, "Nobody has shown the endurance that Felixtony has this year...he really is a Legend."

This year, the anouncement was made at the Blitz Chess Superhero Conference on New Year's eve in Times Square.  Attendance at the event was somewhere around 100,000. 

Felixtony didn't embellish his monumental achievement for very long. Upon Waking on New Year's Day, he battled South Africa's Samuelmafadza and won a very tough match on time. Samuelmafadza chose not to comment on the match, as he was so upset over the loss that he wouldn't even grant a "Happy New Year" to the jubilant winner. 

"Felixtony will be breaking fools in 2012," he said about himself after his latest win. Even if he doesn't "break fools," Felixtony is one to watch in 2012.

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