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FelixTony: The Song

FelixTony: The Song

Jan 25, 2015, 8:31 AM 0

The Legendary online chess champion, Felixtony has broken another boundary as he continues to cross-over to main stream status.  There is a new song dedicated to the former champion, who still fights his way through the rankings.  The song is as follows:





Felixtony: The Song- key of G

("Sing with him")


Is the Legeyeyeyeyeendd....

He Wins all the gamesssss.....

With his braiyeyeyeyaainnnnnnn!!!!!!!


All of the other playyyerrrssss.....

Try to be like himmmmmm.....

But, there is only oneeee......

Felixtony, Legeyeyeyeyeyeeeeeeendddddd!!!!!!!

The Legend!



The song was first introduced during a 2 match series between the Legendary Felixtony and his opponent, Pradiptakritikal, of India.  Pradi was not in the singing mood, as he was forced to resign after suffering terrible beatings from Felix.  

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