Felixtony wins 1200 Level Blitz Championship

Felixtony wins 1200 Level Blitz Championship

Apr 5, 2013, 11:51 AM |

The Legendary former blitz champion, Felixtony, won a smaller level award today when he captured the lightly regarded "1200 Level Blitz Championship."  Felixtony battled Meer_Salman in a 4 match slug fest that had chess fans on the edge of their seats.

In the first match, Meer_Salman won in convincing and devestating fashion, a 14-move checkmate.  Meer reluctantly granted a rematch, in which the rugged Journeyman outhustled Meer in 56 exciting moves and won by time decision.  In the third match, Felixtony put a beating on Meer and made him quit on his stool after 36 moves.

After the 3rd match, a broken down Meer_Salman told Felixtony that he was "Lucky."  The inspired winner stated, "Felixtony out dogged you in that one!"

In the 4th and final championship match of this series, the ebb and flow shifted violently until Meer made a painful mistake and allowed Felix to maintain his queen and pound out a checkmate. 

"Now that was a mistake," Felix told Meer.

"Oh u sucks," was all that a discouraged Meer could say.  Meer wouldn't even grant the customary "GG" back to Felixtony and would grant no interviews to the press.

This victory propelled Felixtony closer to a world championship.  Meer will stay in the contender rankings until he can bring himself to win a few high profile matches.

Prior to this championship series, Felixtony stayed true to form in taking on all comers by facing musicfactory2you, with a 462 rating.  Felix was in the position to gain 0 points with a win, lose 8 with a draw and lose 16 if he lost.  Predictably, Felix battered musicfactory in 8 moves.  With much unsportsmanlike style, musicfactory chose to leave the game and lose on time.  He was given a warning by chess.com and some choice words by the Felixtony.

It was a good win for Felixtony and now he is champion again.  Let's see if he can use this momentum to propel himself into a world class champion.