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Felixtony wins because of diet, exercise, and training

Felixtony wins because of diet, exercise, and training

Feb 5, 2013, 11:19 AM 2

There has been a resurgance in the career of Legendary former Blitz Champion, Felixtony.  He brought himself back from a 1049 rating up to his current 1259 and his momentum doesn't seem to be slowing down. What is the secret to his recent upswing?  He says it is a new healthy diet, an improved exercise program, and training.

Felixtony thanks his healthier lifetstyle for his climb in the ratings. "Felixtony has began to eat more vegetables, only clean proteins, plenty of water, and absolutely no processed foods," he said.  On top of that, he has begun a weight training program to supplement his normally intense training regiment.  

"Felixtony can tell you that it has made a big difference.  Try to keep all of your food fre-range and organic, if possible. If you want to be like Felixtony, eat healthy and train hard," He added.

In a recent 4 match battle series against top contender, xhetanBushi of United Kingdom, Felixtony found himself to be the underdog before nearly each match.  Unbelievably, Felixtony dominated the first 3 matches with skills unmatched in the world of online chess.  In their 4th and final match, xhetanBushi made a strong surge that stumbled the Legendary Felixtony.  It was only due to his amazing endurance that Felixtony was able to win a close time decision.

"Felixtony has to admit, I was tired," he states.  "If it wasn't for my new lifestyle, I don't think Felixtony could have lasted that last match."

The physically stronger xhetanBushi demanded a 5th match, but Felix understandably chose to take a rest.  "With this type of progress, I should be champion again by the spring. Felixtony is not so young anymore. It's harder for him to bounce back,"  he admitted to us.  

So, we will let Felixtony rest and basque in the glory of his latest triumph.  We are sure to see more of this Legend in the future.

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