Felixtony wins in 3rd match of grudge fest!

Felixtony wins in 3rd match of grudge fest!

Jan 22, 2013, 12:56 PM |

On January 22, there began a stirring 3 match battle between The Legendary Felixtony and blitz up-and-comer, samoradi277.  In the first match, Samoradi277 won by checkmating the Legend in come-from-behind fashion.  Everyone was shocked by this outcome as it had seemed as if Felixtony was on his way to a decisive victory. 

"I got careless. That's all there is to say. It was a good game," the fallen Legend said, in an unusually humble tone.  The winner was not available for comment, except to demand an immediate rematch.

In the rematch, Felixtony put on an amazing display of veteran techniques that befuddled and broke down Samoradi277.  Felix won by resignation.

This time, it was The Legendary Felixtony who called for a rematch to erase any doubt of his superiority.  And a rematch he got!

Early in the match, it seemed Felix bit off more than he could chew and Samoradi came on with youthful avengance.  When it seemed like it would be a devestating defeat for The Legendary veteran, he showed signs of life by avoiding a near-certain checkmate by sacrificing his knight.  But, then Samoradi277 took Felixtony's Queen.  

"I have to admit, I was hurt.  I did all I could to survive,' Said the Legend.  

What followed was, perhaps, one of the most brutal displays of evasive techniques and role reversals in online chess history.  Felixtony battled his way back using only his 2 rooks to put his opponent on the defensive and eek out a time decision victory.

Felixtony's comeback was fantastic and a glimpse of his former self.  It was only 2 years ago that Felixtony won the Blitz Super Championship, carried a 1380 ranking and was named the 2011 Blitz Player of the Year.  As of lately, Felix has been a shell of his former self, just barely peeking above 1100.  

"I've had a rough couple of years.  But, I think this victory will start to propell me back into the rankings," He said. "I want a title shot before the spring!"

If The Legendary Felixtony can reclaim the magic that he had during the days when he battled Super Chess Emporer Champion, Francisco Scaramanga, he will be a force in the world of online chess.  Only time will tell.