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Felixtony's Chess Teacher

Felixtony's Chess Teacher

Jan 8, 2012, 7:48 PM 1

Throughout the years, Felixtony has learned the art of chess from many teachers. In fact, he often says that he learns from each of his opponents.  Even the lower level opponents "can do something by accident and teach you something new."  Some of The Legendary Felixtony's observers have said that he is like an artichoke...you find more and more after each level is pealed off.  

But, Felixtony attributes much of his profound chess skill to one of his main teachers, Dr. Ron Paul.  Through his words and writing, Felixtony increased his knowledge of many areas of life, including chess, of course.  Mostly, Dr. Ron Paul lead by example.  He was one who consistently did what he said and said exactly what he was going to do- one of Felixtony's strong points.  

Felixtony has also stated, "Ron Paul cured my apathy."  He often listens to Ron Paul speeches while in heated chess battles.  His words have guided him to more victories than losses.  In the words of the Legendary Felixtony, "Felixtony thanks you, Ron Paul."

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