The Legendary Felixtony comes out of retirement. Gets 5000th win!

The Legendary Felixtony comes out of retirement. Gets 5000th win!

Feb 27, 2014, 10:10 AM |

After retiring from online chess in 2013, The Legendary Felixtony returned on 2/27/14 to compete in the 3/0 Super Blitz Tournament Championship.  He was seated 12th out of 25 competitors in this talent rich tournament.  But, adversity has been a part of Felixtony's career from the very beginning.

At the pre-tournament chat conference, Felix thanked his opponents, sponsors, and coaches.  AGUILERASANMIGUEL and KTB2076 both wished Felixtony "Good luck."  KTB2076 said he hoped Felix would win the gold medal if he couldn't win it himself.  Nikosmoulas then arrogantly stated, "i'm the best." 

In the first match of the tournament, Felixtony faced the rugged UddalakBanerjee.  It was a glimpse of the old Felix, as he destroyed his opponent in merely 10 moves, resulting in a checkmate.   "Felixtony feels good. He was a little rusty in the 3rd move, but then he loosened up, got focussed and started to go work," he said.

In Game 2, The Legendary One had a tough win over sabshan2006, which resulted in a 30 move checkmate.  It was a come-from-behind victory that Felixtony is so well remembered for in the old days.

In a critical 3rd match, Felix lost in a heartbreaker to jainm12345.  He doesn't like to make excuses, but a big factor in this loss was that he had offline distractions regarding his work schedule for the next 6-8 weeks.  Nonetheless, Felix thanked his opponent after the match.  This is a more mature and subdued Felixtony than we are used to, but it is a refresher from the vulgar antics of many players on in recent months.

In game 4, etarboev1 from Spain was too afraid to face the legend, and so he forfeited.  Felixtony thanked him with his, now a household catchphrase, "FelixTony thanks you!"

In Game 5, Felix returned to his winning ways by besting young stud, gamehunter5 in 30 moves.  Gamehunter5 took a terrible beating and resigned.  "Another tough one. They are all tough," Felix said.

Game 6 had all the makings of a classic and was voted as BEST GaME OF THE TOURNAMENT.  It was 44 sizzling moves that had audience members both cheering and weeping.  Felix lost to moh_jyo, but was so close to timing him out, that both of them collapsed after the match.  This match was Felix's first attempt at his 5000th win, but it was not to be.  Moh_jyo showed much respect after the match and was a gracious winner.

In the 7th and final game of the championship tournament, The One and Only, Legendary Felixtony beat Andreyyyy in a fairly battled match.  The significance of this match will go down in history as it was Felixtony's 5000th win. 

"The Tournament has ended! Congratulations to jainm12345 (1st), sabshan2006 (2nd), felixtony (3rd)!"

Amazingly, sabshan2006 came from behind to pass Felix, despite being slaughtered by him earlier.  Jainm12345 was a quiet winner, allowing all of the adulation go to Felixtony.  "This is his moment.  He has done so much for all of us in the online chess world. My victory here doesn't even compete with his greatness," he was most likely thinking. 

And Sabshan2006 is right.  Felixtony has done so much for all of us in the world of online chess.  If only there was a way to repay him. 

Congradulations, Felixtony on your historic victory!  And all of us thank you!