into the shade under a tree

Sep 23, 2007, 5:34 AM |

to Paulo

 Portugal, 1980s, I was in my early teens, te seasons come regulary and the spring just arrived. I and Paulo endup,with a chess board and a book (chess step by step) took on low from the local library, on a hood where we use to play cowboy v indio stuff. the Sun smile , 25 windless degrees, into the shade under a pine tree, we laught at first "jump"of a Knight, rushed into castle -   "can see nothing'

"all ready night"

"my home"

"last play black"

"go withe"

"if you carry the chess board i run faster"

sadly is family moved to an other town and the old board endup under paint's cans a few springs later.

2000s, so over a life time, in england was the hottest year ever! I found this place where a chess board keeps moving table to table and people cueing for turn, they are: England, Scothland, Ireland, India, Pakistan, Caxemir, Afganistan, allmost forgot brov from Jamaica and I from Eart.

We had to many games and talks to, some things we all agreed:


God is only one no matters what you call him


it's a maravilhous game, the spring comes early, the seasons are ...., more and new kind of birds arrived, who cares, into the shade under a tree this bunch of guys around a board. I play with Afganistan he used the open I use now days (Benk's open) I still don't do like he did for so many times but w'd like to think I still lorne, so now on whom I have to be greatfull.