Sep 26, 2007, 2:05 PM |


 Unfortunately could'nt found that topic today at Forums,

a bit of a pity 'couse I'd like to realce some wise thoughts i read there.




to my Head Teacher Fiona

   She taught me englais althouht i not very good at it, (is not her falt) laugh.

It's a lovely person always a smile in her face, a whord of encouragemet or a good adevice.

Air smart ! 1,75 m (+ -) Elegante, older than I but we read the same books ( thank's to Enid Blayton )


       Dear Fiona

Bad news first ? I stop for a while the study of englais 'couse finally join' a site of chess.( chess.com)

it's wontherfull a place here we can play chess, met new Friends and express our selfes. It's not ?

Yes I have been post' some coments at Forums it's a joy.

I have to tell you, do you know Sharom Stone play chess, I wonther wath the women that can talk think of her, may one day say thanks to her, I liked her befor now she won my RESPECT.

that is current topic at Forums , wise words i heard there, funny to not mutch about get respect

do you think they come out with the same Ans we had ?

  Dutch it's tuff to learn, but already do some short senteces, no do not right, yet , its a progress, I think so.

see you soon, I hope .

         25 the September Netherlands


PS: I hope you forgive me for the miss spelling

     I'm without time to do it by dict.


love(liked+respect) ...


Thank's to all wrigthers of the World(liked+respet)

Tanhk's to all reathers at Forums(respect+liked)

Thanks to Fisher to be Fisher(liked+respct+ ?)