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and then......

Dec 20, 2016, 5:24 PM 0

no i don't have pictures, i only have what is in my gut...my being....and some words about "experience".   i left the freight car in the morning and back into the silent freight yard.....a silent freight yard ?...how often does that happen ?..... back into reality that Carl Jung calls "#1"...the day to day considerations.  for Carl and me too (because i believe what he says) "2" is the realm of the unconscious.   which is bigger ?...which has more backwaters ?...more alleyways ?....out of the way places?...the realm of the unconscious or the realm of the universe ?   i excited the boxcar into the rail yard not knowing where i was ....and quite a bit of not knowing who i was.   what the heck, i had just rode the hotshot East so who was i to feel anything but an elation at having my 2 feet on "terra firma" and with those 2 feet, i put one in front of the other and thought to myself, "okay, what's next ? ". being Merry, i extracted Old Friend Harmonica from my shirt pocket and played a jig...............and then some other things happened.......

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