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"Chasing Ice"

"Chasing Ice"

Mar 29, 2017, 10:02 AM 2

is what i will be doing in a couple of days. when the people i know have left the area in the past few months for a trip, they unanimously  have chosen to go South to escape the ice and snow.  during the recent winter, gigs and visits have taken me North to more cold, ice, snowstorms.   Realizing how Precious these States of Water Being are, i want more.   "Chasing Ice" refers to a Documentary of the Project to map and measure Glaciers which i highly recommend to every person. i stood beside a Glacier in Glacier National Park in Montana USA in the early 1970's.   after living winters in Northern and Western Minnesota, those "patches" of snowpack were impressive only because they were there in July and not because of the amount of Frozen Water.  i had witnessed much more in Midwest Winter Storms and Snow/Ice Accumulations   So...Far Northlands here i come to vacation and walk among some of your remaining Glacial Sheets.  upon arrival in the vicinity of one of these, i have an All Night Walk planned.  on the walk, i will be meditating on "Denial".  not only my own denial of this and that but that of the Country i am a citizen of; Sadly and Seemingly the main source of the Problem of Glacial melt and it's consequences.  now that i finally know how to "attach" photos to a Blog post, i'll send some out.  if you are interested, have a look....please let me know what you think

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