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Nov 21, 2016, 1:30 PM 0

greetings....just in from a walk and view of purple mountains majesty out here in the middle of the North American Continent.   before i go on and on about walking i want to take this moment to dedicate these writings to a friend who due to a car wreck can no longer walk...play the guitar...talk...a lot he can no longer be doing.  his injuries did not include damage to his memory, reasoning, or emotions. he, his family, we friends still struggle with the change he is living....i think and intuitively feel that because of the richness of thoughtfulness in his being he has brought himself to a place of comfort with himself and his reality.  he inspires me and many others.  i know of others in similar circumstances. i want to walk with them as well with the power of imagining.    why here in a backwater blog on one of the backwaters on the Internet River ?   because there are amazing discoveries in backwaters, back alleys, out of the way looked over, in places all around us. 

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