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"freight train boogie"....

Dec 8, 2016, 10:23 PM 0

if you are thinking about hopping a freight be prepared.  best to board them when they are still, not moving. best to look around the freight yard for some cardboard as some insulation on the metal floor of the car... warm clothing....i've been in a boxcar in a snowstorm in July crossing the divide.  best collaborate at least 2 stories from the workers in the yard or other hoppers as to where a certain train will take you...avoid anyone with a suit or tie. i like the people trains i've experienced in North America and Europe alot. however, for me that experience palls if compared to riding a "hot shot" at 90 across the Great Plains....make sure both doors are open for the view on both sides and doors do slide closed on occasion.  bring water and food.   be prepared to meet some very interesting people. be prepared to very occasionally meet some very desperate ones.   it was the Fall and this trip would be as a loner.  i can't remember being more tired than the late afternoon i found a open door to the boxcar. i made my nest in the corner and was soon underway.   off we went with the usual cacophony of clanging, metal tearing like noise, and scrapings that are not real conducive to restful sleep.   nonetheless i was soon a goner to the rest of reality, very soon deeply unconscious.....     the next awareness was upon waking in an utter not moving silence.  so profound was the disorientating contrast to the previous consciousness that i speak of it now.    i found myself far in distance and in perception wise from the origin of departure with the  Golden Dawn pouring into my lodging.  in those first uncluttered moments, i awakened to a deeper appreciation of the nature of silence...

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