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got back there

Oct 26, 2016, 8:39 AM 1

finally....it had been awhile.  i like to leave the auto parked in town and walk over the high bridge unto the island. it is not that different there even after so many years...it's a swamp after all. i walk 1/2 the island and there is the old limestone bridge that we jumped off of as kids.  it's over the back channel.  the structure is a beauty and has been preserved. the bridge stands out in the wilderness...yes, wilderness so close to town. if it weren't for the River, it would be a like a 10 minute drive back to a store. over the arched bridge, i notice a sign which now designates this tangle of trees and plants as a "park" where we are warned that birds and other creatures make there home. interesting...because when i would come there in the 1950's it was just a very out of the way place. well ok...still pretty remote and with a warm sun on a fall day i had a chance of meeting some of the residents i was hoping to meet up with...the turtles. the trail is a bit more worn than the last time i was there. since a recent flood it is a bit soft underfoot. way back in, i proceed cautiously knowing that the turtles that sun themselves on the protruding logs are extremely sensitive to the vibration of a footstep hitting the ground. i walk wondering if the recent frost has sent the snappers into the bottom mud. it must have been the case because the logs laying on or close to the water are empty of the creatures. whatever the case, i know they are there like they have for so many many units of time. i will have to come back at another time for the joy of seeing 20-25 of them sliding off into the murkieness.  what matters to me is that i am walking with a freed up mind to think about what i care to. i have walked myself out of  day to day concerns, into the realm of the unconscious and it's virtual flood of awareness. it is thus that i connect to these beings whose origins are said to go back 220 million years. it is in this primal setting that concerns of epistemological questions have room to breathe. how... what... why... do we know ? 

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