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i don't complain, only marvel....

Dec 4, 2016, 10:56 AM 2

at the weather. on the way back across the Great Plains, Bandmate and i found ourselves waiting out a winter storm...50 mph wind gusts, whiteouts, big heavy semis too close for comfort.....in a road side motel. i figure that my schedule is always subservient to that of the weather and all the natural forces that are known to change schedules sometimes way too drastically and sometimes in a moment.  after getting settled, Bandmate and i went out for a walk around the snowy/blowy town and for the heck of it, into a second hand store.  i headed right over to the book section and there it was !....this event came rolling in on top of my recent meeting with nite clerk Paul and the jolting infusion of chessknow i experienced in the late nite in the lobby of a ski lodge.  the book in the store was on display standing on end so i saw it immediately :  "How LIfe Imitates Chess" by Gary Kasparov.  if you are not familiar with this part of the planet and it's culture please trust me that coming across this book in this place was very unusual on a number of levels.  since my rebirth into the Chess experience, most of what i know about Gary comes from what chess.com players and commentators  have said about him....thanks.   so... back out into the storm and after some wandering about on a relatively protected pathway along a rugged clear mountain stream, spending time just looking at the water; i found myself back in warm motel room reading from one of the introductory pages of Gary's words : "Let me explain. You must be conscious of your decision-making processes, and with practice they will improve your intuitive--unconscious---performance. This is required because as adults we have already formed our patterns, good and bad. To correct the bad and enhance the good you must take an active role in becoming self-aware."  Well....nice to have the feeling of the value of 'intuition" verified by another's words.   these quoted words, i feel, run deeper than described.  they apply to early awareness as well. i remember as a child realizing that a lot of what adults say was made up....for whatever reason.   anyone else remember that ?  that realization left me often alone and very impatient. every chance i had i headed out to be near water and trees.   i came to realize no fault/blame...welcome to the reality of individual awareness...and...i had my own stuff to work out.    i will later share some of how this plays out...i have a few stories....

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