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"I have walked into my best ideas...", Soren Kierkegaard

Oct 3, 2016, 9:17 PM 0

 i am back from a walk with some thoughts to share inspired by the Mississippi River System that many before have walked by and have been inspired by. one of my/these thoughts has brought me here to this Chess.com "Blog".  here i find an opportunity/attempt for me to write down thoughts that have come to me.  i can look at them and wonder myself at what i write; and as i understand, others can read and comment on as well. although i have made entries in Chess.com Forums, this is the first ever "Blog" entry i have ever made anywhere....not surprising given my lack of computer/internet experience.   i am hopefully bringing a lifetime of walking, observing, philosophizing experience to this writing venture. i will add the component called "Chess" to the mix because the game has come rushing back into the forefront of my present experience after a 50 plus year hiatus. to some, "Walking" is an ultimate escape, in terms of the physical aspect for sure but also potent psychically as well.  it takes awhile for the physical movement and energy output of walking to get one into a meditative state. a process...not always easy from my experience...that takes one out of reach of a lot of day to day mental activity that can wait.  i am so very grateful that i can still walk after so many years. and yes of course, there are many different individuals ways that one can reach a Meditative Thoughtful State of Being, including not moving much as all. but...stay tuned, our first "walk" will take us to the backwaters of one of the world's mightiest Rivers. 

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