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Impressive Amount of..

Impressive Amount of..

Apr 23, 2017, 5:46 PM 3

Frozen Water Still. HOWEVER, if you imagine from this very very recent photo that several hundred feet height of the Ice Mass was, in 1950, at a point a quarter of a mile to the left of and behind this view. i was given a tour of this precious place by a youthful and very brilliant fiddling young man who is a self-taught life long student of any pertinent information concerning the phenomena observed in this photo. He has hiked around/ over / on top of the terrain pictured. this place is visited by people from all over our Planet. it is one of many Ice Fields that cover the numerous and impressive peaks that would be Witnessed if one stood on the point where the photo was taken, and then did a twirl looking in every direction. my youthful Guide with his Mindful encyclopedic Knowledge and Understanding of area ice/water/rocks/substrata/etc, and of the creatures that inhabit this vast wilderness; brought me on a later hike (Favorite Travel Mode) to a much more remote Glacial Formation.   ....it was starting to be Bear wake up from hibernation time, but no Grizzly encounter. nonetheless, i was prepared with a harmonica in my shirt pocket.  Bears can not see well but their senses of smell and hearing are off the charts. in my Hiking experience i have chased a Black Bear from my camp along the Appalachian Trail USA and in earlier time, a very large Grizzly in Glacier Park Montana USA, both by blowing the highest note on #12 reed making a very piercing sound....   doing this walk, hiking through the primordial forest and feeling very insignificant in view of the vastness that lay before us, i examined some feelings of "resentment" at pristine areas Being threatened with pollution and development, causing me to look at my part in it.  on the Walk i had the company of a couple of engaging online chess matches tumbling around in my thought processes to decide the next move while i looked at the very slow motion Tumble of the Ice Off the mountains. besides Being in a place i have dreamed about Being since the first time i was aware of Alaska, the Biggest treat was meeting the people there, especially the Locals...the ones making it their Home.   wow...what a trip it was.

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