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in the wake of the wake....

in the wake of the wake....

Jan 2, 2017, 7:53 AM 0

since last writing many steps and 2 other being "snowed in" weather events....and last evening into the late night at a gathering of the passing of a troubadour. i knew him but mostly he was my Bandmate's friend and former Duo mate of his. in the wake of his life, he left a fine family and many a friend. many of them filled the parlor to hear words of praise for his Being,  for his special gift of many a song and crafted backup of a fingerpicked guitar, and for his advocacy of Live Music.  after the years of tour and the start of his family, he opened a "Pub".  we know the meaning of a word can get so very homogenized that it becomes devoid of significance and meaning. our friends place wasn't called a "Pub" but under his listening ear Live Music lived there.  as evidence of significance of his Being and his Place was the number who showed on a cold ice forming evening in a Mississippi River Town Funeral Parlor to share the sadness. Bandmate knew a lot of the faces there, i knew a few by reputation.  words said, tears shed; the bunch of us headed for the New Home for Live Music in the Town...opened by the younger set inspired by our friend's Place.   the scene there was one of Spirited celebration.  Hard to put into words...i wonder if he was listening somehow ?

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