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Night Walking

Night Walking

Mar 22, 2017, 10:35 AM 3

from...early times.....feeling  fear of the Night...for the Darkness.....from.... at times....  underneath the covers huddled with a flashlight..... to.....that lurking darkness being a challenge .... until.... now Night is my dear dear friend.    i don't surmise that everyone has experienced it in a similar fashion, even though i expect that almost everyone has experienced some reservation about Darkness.  one of the first things i discovered when this particular consciousness shift hit me, is Light gets in the way of Dark.   that kind of Light i refer to is the "artificial " variety.    as important that it is as a tool, i feel, that it is used way more than necessary.  "natural" Light is also abundant and usually not as obtrusive.....and....Free !   so these ongoing relationships  'tween Dark/Night...Day/Light make for, i feel, interesting dynamics..    to experience Total Dark one can go on a guided tour of an Abandoned mine.   several hundred feet under the ground and when the tour guy hits the switch ?.....not many if any photons chasing around...a sensory deprivation that's quite disturbing especially in terms of feeling vulnerability...our cellular structures attempting to get us to the future in one piece are about to freak out.      So...it is so very helpful that our cells get it together to adjust our Night Vision.....given a variety of conditions, it takes awhile for our Vision coming out of a well lighted place to adjust.     Thank You Night Vision, for allowing the possibility of Night Walking.   for me, i like it about anytime; but for some reason, i have gotten into walking around Cities, i find myself in traveling about for gigs, All Night Looong.     some Favs are: Vancouver BC...wow, what an interesting lovely Metropolis even in the Daylight....the same for NYC, Chicago, Paris, Ultrecht, Portland Oregon USA, Appalachian Trail in a few places, Seattle, Galway, .....oh ya....Amsterdam.   there are quite a few more of these adventures i could mention.  these walks are my version of "Extreme Sports" nowhere in the same league as a Skier/Snow Boarder  dropping out of a helicopter on the top of a mountain, or what i have seen from some Skate Boarders.....but i do have tales to tell......wink.png

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