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on edge ?

on edge ?

Jul 11, 2017, 2:20 PM 2

i was.  after the Bus to Montana never showed up at the designated spot on their own website and my purchased ticket. The pickup spot was on a University Campus and had been changed but not as of yet on their website and ticket.  i good reminder that computers only know what they are told.  i went for a walk...no, not to Montana.... i walked away from traffic/noise in this intense urban landscape to the closest Green Tree and Plant congregation that i could find and that is a Cemetery.  Cemeteries are peaceful places and their Existence sparks activity in our conscious and unconscious and the interplay thereof.  walking there, i wondered at the house of Granite with no windows and a locked door with the names of Beatrice and Harvey with the dates of their Births and Deaths.  the practical side of my awareness and from days of rambling and sometimes sleeping in Cemeteries...very quiet....no police....plenty of room..... had me thinking, "jeez,...if the door wasn't locked it would be a place to sleep out of the rain".  during the walks i relentlessly do, i notice the places where those without shelter choose to try to find rest.  also during todays saunter i worked over the practicality of rearranging my schedule and also took time to look at the bright side, like Being a chance to write as i am now, to play some tunes, online Chess wink.png and Be.

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