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"The Wall"

"The Wall"

Mar 3, 2017, 4:06 AM 7

do you spend a lot of awareness loving Knowledge ?  if so, then you are philosophizing.      it's a pursuit enhanced in my case with the help of a lot of walking.  with all the walking i have accomplished, it's getting easier to get away from distraction and at the same time i can also bring problems along with on a stroll as well... ie. a current chess game in the mind not on a device.  but aside from bringing problems along on a walk;  and with focus, philosophic issues can be brought to/come into awareness as physical energy is expended.   for myself, night walking and shadows enhance and add dimensions to the sauntering and to the depth of inquiry.   on a very recent  walk , a short story called "The Wall" came back into my mind like a jolting earth shake.   how could i have missed the connection ?     the story was written by J P Sartre as part of an essay on "Self Deception". the story is a few pages of the overall essay, but it's poignancy illustrates to a high degree, to an open mind, an extremely flawed shortcoming of our human psyche. our Being Denying Itself.  it Negates Itself in such a way that it gives away the Freedom that is in the grasp of Its awareness.  it is a turning away from the Truth of seeing Who we are by falling under the spell of thinking Who we might want to Be.  the struggle to separate oneself from an Identity that "Grounds Our Being in Nothingness" can seem endless and is daily for those who Love Knowledge.  it does for myself anyway.   anyway, that's what i in a similar way, treasure about playing a fiddle. even after doing it a lot, i still have so very much to learn about making sounds come from it.  Knowledge comes when awareness looks from a place of really wanting to know the score no matter what it costs our perception and view of reality. the desire to act in Good Faith does not guarantee anything, and leads one/me to ultimately judge ones/my own journey. i don't like a lot of what fellow Beings are doing...of who they are trying to Pawn themselves off as.   within the framework of the process of exploration of our Being , there lies fertile ground for Freedom and Creativity.   it is hard to explain so if these words are worth anything, it would only be as an attempted endorsement of a few written pages shining a very focused and bright light on the nature of Who i/we am/are.    "The Wall" by J P Sartre has been and will be there for me when i try to fool myself, or when someone else tries to fool me......

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