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Truth's attempted Suicide

Truth's attempted Suicide

Dec 8, 2017, 9:54 AM 4

was recently thwarted.  Bandmate was late nite walking on the High Bridge after an evening at the Chess Club when B came upon Truth with a foot on the railing ready to jump !  B does what can be done to live in "Good Faith" thereby recognizing T, exaltingly pleads, "Don't Do It....We Need you !"  Truth looks at B and says, "You don't see Deception up here do you ?" "Just walk with me Please!...come on...the Moon is about to rise ", replies B.    As B reported to me, it took the rest of the nite to get a commitment from T to try it for another day along with a Plead for Our Awareness and Assistance, from T.   i asked B for a prognosis; B replied "Touch and Go"

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