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unusual walk that....

unusual walk that....

Jan 9, 2017, 4:20 PM 0

one doesn't often get a chance to do.  a recent and very unusual...from my experience...January Rain put a layer of ice on top of the inches of loose snow already on the ground. it really made the day's wood cutting a lot easier.  the pile has diminished significantly due to the last  - 0 degree F dose of reality.  the saws put away, thanks given to the universe for life and limb, i headed out to the recreational portion of time outdoors.  up this way the darkness is still coming quite early.  snow started to fall.  the grayness mixing with the every which way whiteness gave rise to a phenomena of every which way blue shimmer reflecting off, inter-mingling with the whiteness and grayness....nice compromise.    i had the whole ridge top to myself....not many venture out this way.  Nature, You're   Quiet...   Present...         Improvising....          Delighting...

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